Ellivé Uplifting Blend (Depression, Low Moods, Sadness, Grief) Essential Oils


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Each blend is crafted by a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner.

This essential oil blend supports the nervous system to help alleviate symptoms of depression such as fatigue, lack of motivation, low moods, irritability, anger, and despondency. It promotes greater energy, focus, and optimism. The aroma is grounding with notes of citrus.

Wild Orage
Hemp Seed Oil
Fractionated Coconut Oil

There are 3 options for Ellivé:
-10ml biophotonic glass steel roller bottle
-15 ml biophotonic glass bottle with pipette dropper
-10ml translucent glass steel roller bottle

Biophotonic glass is ultra durable, offers UV-protection, a BPA-free cap, and a steel roller ball. Biophotonic glass best preserves the integrity and aroma of the essential oils. The roller bottle is best for topical application and the dropper bottle is best for diffuser applications.

The 10ml translucent glass with steel roller bottle is the more economic option that also provides some protection from oxidation and UV degradation.

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