Herbal Bath Salts Sampler, FOOT HAND SOAK, Manicure and Pedicure


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Sampler herbal bath salts for hand soaks and foot baths are stored in reusable 18x150mm glass vial with cork stoppers and packaged in a reusable wooden box with a metal latch. Gift set includes a soft burlap bag to “infuse” your herbal bath salts and herbs into water with minimal clean up. (Personally, I like to see the herbs and flowers float around. Serious goddess vibes!)

If you’re looking for a larger sampler size perfect for a baths, shop this listing: https://etsy.me/3FZrezb

** Please use the “options for personalization” as a reference list. Add the 4 herbal salts that you want to the personalization list. If you do not list your preferences, samples will be chosen for you. **


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