Menstrual Relief Herbal Tea, Organic


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Each blend is crafted by a Master Herbalist.

This herbal blend reduces menstrual cramps, moderates bleeding, and promotes more comfortable menstruation. Choose from 8oz / 45-servings or 160z / 90-serving bags.

Herbal remedies such as teas provide a range of benefits for our bodies. These organic, plant-based, caffeine-free teas harness the power of plants’ nutrients, minerals, and other vital ingredients to service our bodies and minds. Included nutrients: calcium, magnesium, zinc, and alkaloids for reproductive health as well as B Vitamins for emotional balance. This nourishing tea blend promotes hormonal balance while soothing painful cramps and period-related body aches. Over time, it can regulate your cycle which may help with conception.

This blends was crafted with women in mind!

Lady’s Mantel
Nettle Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
Wood Betony
Dandelion Leaf

It steeps a golden yellow cup with subtle flavors that are earthy and mellow. Tastes great with or without honey or agave nectar.


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