Can seasonal allergies make depression and anxiety worse?

If you experience seasonal allergies like I do, you may find it even more challenging to navigate mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Fortunately, you’re not powerless against it!
A few correlations exist between mental health and seasonal allergies.
Increased fatigue
When you’re experiencing seasonal allergies, you have more internal inflammation. Your body is working hard to navigate it, and that hard work can make you feel tired.
Congestion, rooted in inflammation, means that you’re get less oxygen to your blood. That means less oxygen to your brain.
Both result in you feeling tired, short-tempered, and wanting to nap instead of socialize.
Hormone disruption 
When you’re experiencing seasonal allergies, you’re having an abnormal immune system response. Our immune systems are linked to hormone release. Depending on your allergen and symptoms, you may notice that you have less energy and have difficulty maintaining an upbeat mood.
Avoiding outdoors
If the allergens are outside, you’re likely to spend more time indoors. That means you’re getting less vitamin D from the sunshine!
Per Nutrition Research Journal, about 42% of American adults are already Vitamin D deficient. Less sunshine can make it worse.
Vitamin D helps with mood and anxiety regulation, so if you’re low on Vitamin D you may notice more symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Herbal medicines can help!
Using herbal remedies can mitigate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. This reduces the likelihood of making mental health issues worse!
Be sure to speak with an herbalist or research herbs for contraindications to  prescriptions and herbal supplements that you may be taking. 
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black woman with braids outside feeling fatigue, depression and anxiety due to seasonal allergies. She will soon take herbal medicine for seasonal allergies by Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga
Non binary man drinking tea to ease seasonal allergies while sitting on the couch at home
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