Prenatal Yoga + Postnatal Yoga

Every phase of your pregnancy requires a different kind of care! Allow prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga to support you as you experience changes in your body, mind and lifestyle.

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Perinatal yoga includes prenatal and postnatal yoga. Each trimester and phase of your postpartum journey benefits from a unique approach to the body, nervous system and mind. Private yoga classes empower you to make the most of each phase! These one-on-one yoga classes are a terrific way to prepare for birth, expedite recovery, and adjust to the changes that arise.

Classes are trauma-informed and appropriate for mothers navigating perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety.

Benefits of private prenatal yoga

  • one-on-one guidance for your unique body and needs
  • flexible scheduling
  • contributes to shorter, less painful labor
  • reduces edema
  • helps to regulate high blood pressure, relieves varicose veins
  • increases energy
  • learn to use the breath to ease discomfort and anxious feelings
  • reduces musculoskeletal pain and duress
  • facilitates mental focus to cope throughout labor / surgery
  • reduces symptoms of stress
  • helps to balance emotions

Benefits of private postnatal yoga

  • facilitates recovery including structural and abdominal restoration
  • promotes healing of pelvic floor
  • alleviates muscle strain due to childcare activities
  • reduces neck, shoulder and pain pain
  • helps to balance emotions and responses to stress
  • tones muscles

Let’s get started¬†

  1. Book your Private Yoga Prep Call or email to get started.
  2. Once we assure a mutually good fit, you will receive a link to schedule your private class. Virtual and in-person sessions available at teacher’s discretion.
  3. For virtual sessions, you will be able to choose between three pricing options.

Single Session $90

4 Classes per month $280 ($70 each)

8 Classes per month $480 ($60 each)

In-person pricing varies based on location and availability. You will discuss these details during your Private Yoga Prep Call.

In-person classes currently serving Conyers, Covington, Social Circle, Lithonia, Porterdale, Oxford, Mansfield and Newborn, Georgia.

Learn more about Erica Rascon, founder and lead perinatal yoga teacher at Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga.

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