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Yoga for Beginners Program

You’re ready for yoga to unite every aspect of your being and bring you closer to revealing your truest, highest most vibrant self!

You’re ready to take your practice beyond 3 deep breaths, breezing through vinyasas, and a savasana that’s barely worth your time. 

You’re ready to tap into the intelligence of your spirit, body and mind when you make a decision. 

You’re ready to embrace your defensive, combative shadow side because you know she has lessons to teach you about your past. And you know healing her can unlock doors to your future that seemed permanently closed.

You’re ready for authentic yoga.


Yoga for Beginners has been crafted just for you. It’s a step-by-step guide to starting your (real) yoga journey.

black woman participating in yoga for beginners with Erica Rascon
diverse people unite hands to represent unity in yoga
african american woman journaling after private meditation class with Erica Rascon
yoga for nervous system regulation with Erica Rascon promotes joy and peace
Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga offers group and private pranayama and meditation classes

Yoga Beyond Trying to Touch Your Toes

You aren’t the only one who started a practice to become more flexible, stronger, thinner, or less stressed-out. But don’t let where you start hold you back.

Many group classes emphasize making shapes with the body and (sometimes) managing the breath. Those classes are a good introduction, and they’re only a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg! DRWY Yoga for Beginners Program will equip you with the tools needed to actually “practice” yoga beyond the physical body. 

No more cramming your body into a “peak pose,” flirting with (re)injury. Learn to move in ways that prioritize biomechanics and your unique body shape.

No more verbal rampages around your partner or kids because your emotions control you. Learn to use your breath to control your mood and your nervous system.

No more striving 24/7/365. Embrace effort and ease. Learn to gain clarity and enjoy moments of stillness during meditation. 

No more acting like this earth is your trash can or your all-you-can-eat buffet. Learn mindful actions that minimize harm to our home, your community and your body.

This is yoga!


What's Included?

DRWY Yoga for Beginners Program includes everything that you need to get started on your authentic yoga journey in 8 weeks.

Young black woman practicing yoga, doing Virabhadrasana 1 exercise, Warrior one pose, indoor full length, studio background. She practices Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga Yoga for beginners program

Foundational Asana How-To Guide

Feel good in your body! Learn pose options for different body shapes and ability levels.

Close-up of caucasian beautiful young woman doing yoga with Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga Yoga for Beginners program online

Breath work Basics + guided meditation

Keep your composure through life's ups and downs! Explore pranayama (breath control) and guided meditations. Both are powerful tools for nervous system regulation and self-reflection.

Therapist holding hands above head of the patient to transfer energy. She learned energy work during Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga Yoga for Beginners program taught by Erica Rascon

Energetic Practices

Understand your energetic anatomy! You know that you're more than just skin and bones. Learn the basics of chakras, mayakoshas, and marmas.

young protestors rally for social justice inspired by Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga Yoga for Beginners Program

Yoga off the Mat

Establish a greater sense of purpose in your community with tools for service and social justice. 

Client Results

Maintain Your Peace

Ditch the short tempered + easily frustrated version of yourself. Hone a more resilient nervous system and thriving energetic body.


Embrace motivation + mindset to overcome any challenge ahead: personal, familial, political, social + spiritual.

Feel + Look Your Best

Enjoy movement practices that actually feel good and are fun so that you can reach your physical goals.

Embodied Confidence

When you know thyself, you can move through life as the powerful, loving, creative being you are!

Kind Words from Clients

“Erica makes it easy to start a yoga practice. She explains things clearly, like how to do poses safely and change them to feel good in my body. I was even able to practice with my husband who is an absolute beginner!"
Laquna M. Ross
"I have never had a yoga teacher be able to modify and customize to my needs so well. Erica is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, professional and a delight to take classes with. I recommend her 1/1 classes to absolutely anyone. Her being trauma informed was also very comforting to me and I felt very safe working with her."
Gillian Young-Barkalow
“Erica is fabulous and embodies the true nature of what yoga can do! Highly recommend any of her classes!"
JoAnna Fish

Why Practice with Me?

black yoga teacher Erica Rascon with namaste mudra in front of a mandala painting

There are the textbook reasons and the even more important reasons.

Textbook: I’m a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I hold nearly 2,000 hours of teaching experience. I’m also Trauma Conscious Yoga Method, Prenatal, Postnatal certified. I’ve been empowering students for more than a decade.

What’s probably more important is that I am walking this path. I teach what has worked for me and numerous others. I get results by combining evidence-based practices and time-tested (and approved!) traditions. 

Each practice is “householder” appropriate. You don’t need to be a monk on a mountaintop to pull this off. It’s for parents, students, professionals and everyone in between. 

yoga teacher Erica Rascon hosting outdoor class in metro Atlanta, GA
Erica Rascon and Alejandro Rascon as guests at wedding
Yoga teacher Erica Rascon and her daughter at the park with their dog.
mother and daughter making pancakes in the kitchen

My Story
Erica Rascon

The path that lead to this beginners’ program may seem a bit dramatic: yoga helped to save my marriage and ultimately, my life.

Marriage dumped me into a new town, new job, new house with first time homeowner challenges, and a new culture in a multigenerational household. It was a lot at once. 

I became dysregulated: stressed-out, anxious, resentful, combative, insomniac, and I felt physically numb. I prayed a lot: “I’m not usually like this. How do I just…pull myself together?!”

I read an article that yoga was good for stress relief and embodiment. I purchased a $1.50 Rodney Yee VHS tape at a thrift store. (That’s how little I was ready to invest in this new yoga thing.) I practiced that video in my basement everyday for a week. I’ve never looked back.

Yoga gave me the language and tools that I needed to reconnect my brain, body and spirit. I learned to decentralize myself from other peoples’ reactions, keep a level head during chaotic times, and gradually release expectations of what should and could be in acceptance for what is. 

My husband noticed the shift in me and so did I! I’m done! Healed, right?! But life keeps life-ing.

Years later, I hit a severe case of perinatal depression during a complicated pregnancy. It felt like my body and brain had failed me. Rather than disassociating, I turned inward again. Yoga offered new tools to gradually help me out of the trenches.

I’ve shared many of my experiences on social media. I’m regularly asked, “How did you know what to do?” or “How do I start a yoga practice?” Thus, this program for beginners was born! Tried + true, ancient + modern, all come together for your wellbeing.

Maybe your story is similar or entirely different. No matter what you’re going through, a better understanding of authentic yoga can help. 

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