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Corporate + Private Group Yoga

Customize your private group or corporate group event with Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga!

Corporate Yoga

Forbes, Apple, Google, and multiple Fortune 500 companies offer corporate yoga classes for employees. But you don’t have to have a big budget to enjoy the benefits of corporate yoga.

Book Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga for your next conference, retreat or team building activity.  We also have teachers available for virtual conferences, virtual retreats and other virtual corporate events.

Contact us with details of your event and we will send you a customized quote!
  1. type of event
  2. the approximate size of your group
  3. preferred location
  4. preferred date and time

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Highlights from this corporate yoga article give a preview of yoga’s benefits for your business.

  • A Harvard study estimates that companies can save more than $3 in health care costs for every dollar spent.
  • Health care costs increased by 7% nationwide. Harvard Business Review calculated that average annual health care costs only increased by 1-2% at firms with onsite wellness programs.
  •   American Journal of Health Promotion reveals that wellness programs resulted in 25 percent lower costs related to disability insurance, workers’ compensation, and sick leave.
  • Gallup finds a strong correlation between physically active employees, profitability, productivity, and higher sales.
  • In Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses, participants reported lasting decreases in the symptoms of stress, increased energy, and higher self-esteem. Participants also reported an improved ability to handle stress and cope with workplace challenges.

Private Groups

Book a private group yoga session for your upcoming baby shower, bridal party, birthday and more!

senior ladies enjoying private group yoga in Covington GA with virtual classes and in-person classes

Host the yoga class on location at your event or at one of our recommended yoga venues.  We also have teachers available for online virtual group yoga classes.

Contact us with details for a quote:
  1. type of event
  2. the approximate size of your group
  3. preferred location
  4. preferred date and time
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