3 Effective Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Spring has sprung. With it, dozens of tissues are springing from cardboard boxes throughout America as we struggle to cope with runny noses and chronic sneezing. The symptoms of seasonal allergies don’t have to slow you down. Get relief with these natural remedies for seasonal allergies.

Seasonal Allergies are more than an Annoyance

Seasonal allergy symptoms are more than just an annoyance. A stuffy nose limits the oxygen that you can send to your organs and muscles–including your brain and heart! The resulting sluggishness and mental fog can affect multiple areas of your life.

Do you come home and just want to collapse, with no motivation for making healthy meals or playing with your kids? When you wake up in the morning, do you still feel tired? Are you skipping your yoga classes and gym commitments?

When you overcome your seasonal allergy symptoms, you can revitalize your day! It’s easier to make healthy choices when you feel your best. Below are a few home remedies for seasonal allergies that actually work. Our staff attests to them!

Nasal Irrigation

Don’t keep scrolling! We know you’ve probably heard of a Neti Pot. You maybe even considered giving one a try. But if you suffer from any sinus and nose-related ailment–congestion, sinus headaches, runny nose, and sneezing–then the time to try Neti Pot is now.

natural remedies for seasonal allergies

The Neti Pot is a nasal irrigation system. It is a safe, effective way to clean your nasal passages. It rinses away pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that may get lodged into your passageways and cause irritation.

Neti Pot and similar brands combine sterile water with a saline solution. The saline water helps to loosen and thin mucus. The water helps to push out the mucus and other irritants.

Use nasal irrigation as a complement to your medicated nasal sprays, if needed. Use the Neti Pot to remove irritants and then apply your nasal spray of choice. Otherwise, you’re just spraying medicine on top of the allergens and mucus that build up in your nasal passageways.

Artificial Tears Rinse

You’ve likely used eye drops to help moisten dry, itchy eyes. That’s a great step in the right direction. But have you considered rinsing your eyes and ducts?

Throughout the day, pollen and other irritants can adhere to our conjunctiva. A single drop or two of eye drops may help loosen some of the debris, but you’re likely leaving much of it behind. The buildup can lead to inflammation and infection.

natural remedies for seasonal allergies

Use several drops of organic eye drops or sterile water to rinse your eyes each morning and every evening before bed. Some may find it helpful to gently pull the eyelids away from the top and bottom of the eye to encourage solution to wash over the conjunctiva.

Nightly Showers

Morning showers may help you feel refreshed and energized for the day ahead. But if you’re sensitive to seasonal allergens, why go to sleep with them peppered on your skin and hair?

During the spring and early summer, switch to nighttime showers to wash away pollen and other allergens. Hop into bed with clean sheets and enjoy a restful sleep.natural solutions for seasonal allergies

Remember, your bed is your sanctuary from the outdoors. If you plan to lay down before bed, remove any clothing that you wore outside so that you’re not bringing pollen into bed with you. Change your linens regularly.

Practical Tips for Healthy Living

These tips are incredibly practical! It’s the physical removal of allergens that makes them effective. With consistent application, you will notice relief from your seasonal allergy symptoms.

Want more practical tips for healthy living? Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga pairs you with wellness experts to make living well, simple. Check out our services for 1:1 guidance on nutrition, fitness, and aromatherapy.


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