Proven Benefits of a Private Yoga Teacher: Accountability, Guidance, Success!

Working with a private yoga teacher or wellness advocate may make the difference between your success and failure!

Accountability improves consistency.

Fitness Magazine reports that an accountability partner can increase your consistency. Consistency is a key to success!

Our one-on-one programs pair you with private yoga teachers, personal trainers, and dieticians to provide fitness plans, encouragement, and accountability. We will help you stay on track! When you are more consistent with your fitness and healthy eating, you will be ready for success.

You put forth more effort with a private Yoga Teacher.

Research published in the Journal of Social Sciences suggests that you will work harder when you work out with another fit person. That’s why Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga staff hires knowledgeable and active yoga teachers and personal trainers.

We offer our expertise and motivation during each private session with you. When you add our guidance to your dedication, you can reach your goals faster.

Overcome plateaus with a helping hand. 

It’s natural to hit a “plateau.” A plateau is a place where your diet and exercise plan seems to stop producing results. Your weight loss stops and you may start to feel frustrated and disheartened. A plateau often happens when your body adapts to your plan. Your body becomes comfortable with your level of physical exertion.

Our wellness experts will adjust your plan based on your body’s responses so that you can keep seeing results!

get started today!

Work one-on-one with a wellness professional to achieve your health goals. Find a natural path towards total life wellness:

  • lose weight
  • tone muscle
  • gain flexibility
  • improve  sleep
  • boost mood
  • find balance

We offer In-Home Private Yoga and Virtual Private Yoga  packages to meet your needs.

Want additional support? Our Personal Wellness Advocate Program connects you with a private yoga teacher, registered dietician, and other specialists to help you meet your goals.

Learn more about Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga through our Services page.

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