Powerful Antibacterial Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful antibacterial solutions. Fortunately, they do not contribute to the problem of antibiotic-resistant strains. You can also adjust their strength through dilution, making essential oils a wise choice for use in your home and office. Some essential oils are even safe for pets and kids!

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. In addition to providing unique aromas, essential oils help the plant to protect and regenerate itself. We can benefit from those protective and restorative properties as well. There are several essential oils that are naturally antibacterial. Use them to  support your immune system or cleaning inhabited spaces.

How to Select Potent and Safe Essential Oils

It’s important to get Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils. Such oils are naturally grown, not synthetically produced. Synthetic oils have molecules that are too thick and heavy to be absorbed by our bodies. As a result, many synthetic oils are not antibacterial.  Synthetic oils often lack key combinations of important compounds; they can’t improve your health in the same way as CPTG essential oils.

Synthetic oils are not safe for consumption. Many should not be applied directly to the skin. CPTG essential oils are more versatile! Several CPTG essential oils can be applied topically and consumed. Research each oil for its most effective and safest application.

Common Antibacterial Essential Oils

  • bergamot- citrus an floral aroma. Respected mood and confidence booster. Minimize use during prolonged exposure to sunlight 
  • cardamom- minty, fresh aroma. Promotes respiratory health and gastrointestinal function
  • cinnamon- spicy, bold aroma.  Popular in holiday blends to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Do not use during pregnancy
  • eucalyptus- earthy, minty aroma. Excellent for promoting easeful respiration
  • fennel- sweet, herbaceous aroma. Encourages healthy liver function
  • frankincense– warm, earthy aroma. Respected mental fortifier
  • grapefruit- citrus, sweet aroma. Also supports healthy metabolism
  • lemongrass- smoky, herbaceous aroma. Powerful sedative, great for a restful night’s sleep while recovering from illness 
  • marjoram– earthy, woody aroma. Used in the treatment of severe headaches and migraines. May cause drowsiness
  • melaleuca (tea tree)- herbaceous, leathery aroma. It is 12 times stronger than carbolic acid, an ingredient in commercial antibacterial products
  • oregano– sharp, earthy aroma. Also aids in digestion and respiration when taken internally
  • roman chamomile– floral, sweet aroma. Gentle sedative, great for a restful night’s sleep while recovering from illness 
  • thyme– a warm, herbaceous aroma. Contraindicated during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure

doTERRA essential oils are CPTG. This is a step above organic in that each oil is rigorously tested for purity and potency and each stage of production, not just the growing methods used in the fields. Purchase your doTERRA essential oils here or contact us for custom blends.

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