4 Benefits of Custom Medicinal Teas

Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga is thrilled to offer custom medicinal teas in 2020! These teas and tisanes are created by Master Herbalist, Erica Rascon. Each creation offers therapeutic benefits specific to your mind and body.

There are several benefits to customized medicinal teas. Below are 4 of our favorites:

1.Your unique body deserves a unique tea.

Boxed teas from the store may offer key ingredients. But a Master Herbalist creates teas with your total wellness in mind.

During your one-on-one consultation, you will have an opportunity to share your area of concern with our herbalist. You will also be asked to present other relevant information about your health. This way, she can screen potential ingredients for allergens and other contraindications.

2. No more guesswork at the grocery store.

You’ve been there: standing in the aisle at the grocery store, reading labels. You compare products until your vision blurs. Frustrated, you make your selection yet you’re still not certain that you’re getting the best ingredients to suit your needs.

Skip the guesswork and leave ingredient selection in the capable hands of a certified herbalist.

3. Your taste buds are the judge!

While the therapeutic value of the tea is our priority, the Master Herbalist will work with your favorite flavor profiles to create a tea that is pleasing to drink. Your custom tea will be a welcomed addition to your daily self-care routine.

4. Avoid energy spikes or crashes with customized teas.

Do you prefer to drink your tea in the morning, midday, after work, or in the evening before bed? We take this detail into consideration when creating your custom tea. The herbalist can create a tea with energizing, balancing, or calming qualities as needed.

How do I order a custom medicinal tea?

Ordering a custom medicinal tea is a simple, 4 step process.

  • First, you will need to complete and submit the Custom Wellness Tea Questionnaire that details your health concerns, contraindications, and preferences.
  • You will then have a consultation with the Master Herbalist to discuss your answers. You can ask questions, too.
  • Next, the Master Herbalist will “draft” the custom tea and send you the list of ingredients for your review. This is your opportunity to discuss the ingredient selection and share this list with your healthcare professional. You can request changes if needed.
  • Finally, the Master Herbalist will craft your custom tea and send it to you. (If you live in metro Atlanta, you can pick it up from DRWY studio.)

Contact us or call 678. 631. 7808 to get started!

Please note: Medicinal teas are a supplement to your wellness plan. Consult your trusted medical professional before beginning any new exercise or nutrition regimen.

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