How to Create a SMART Workout Plan in 3 Steps

Setting goals is an important part of achieving your health and fitness aspirations. But sometimes, setting attainable goals can be tricky. These 3 tips will help you create a SMART workout plan that prepares you for success!

1. Set SMART Goals

Good goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Specific– “I want to get healthy,” or “I want to lose weight” are too vague. Opt for specific goals with measurable results such as, “I want to lose 3 inches of fat from my waistline.”

Measurable- Add quantifiable measurements to your goal, such as a specific body fat percentage, inches lost or even cardiovascular goals such as, “I want to jog a 12-minute mile.”

Attainable– The team at Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga can help you determine which goals are safely attainable in your desired timeframe.

On average, a person can safely lose about 2lb per week through healthy eating and exercise. There are several factors that can determine how quickly you may lose weight and what is necessary to maintain results.

The staff at Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga can help you set goals that are safely attainable by promoting healthy lifestyle changes that include nutrition, exercise, and a change in your mentality surrounding your success and wellbeing.

Relevant- The relevancy of a fitness goal is very personal. Are you preparing for a marathon? Getting fit to improve your blood pressure or cholesterol levels? Knowing why the goal is relevant can motivate you to stay active and eat nutritious foods– even when you don’t feel like it.

Time bound- Our private yoga teachers, personal trainers, and registered dietitians can work with you to determine the time in which you would like to achieve your goals. This will allow you to create a fitness plan with a step-by-step guide on reaching your goals and staying on course.

2. Consistency

Be consistent with your workout plan and healthy eating habits!

Don’t sabotage your success with inconsistent workouts and poor eating habits. Remember: you can’t undo 30 years of bad habits in a couple of weeks (or days) of clean eating and exercise. You can’t. Eating one healthy meal a day won’t undo two unhealthy meals. It won’t.

Now, we all fall off the wagon. We all make mistakes. When that happens, jump back into your wellness plan as soon as possible. Skip the negative self-talk: you are not a failure; you are capable of success; you will reach your goals. Get back on track and don’t let one misstep throw off your entire game!

Your Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga Personal Wellness Advocate will be your accountability partner.

A study from Stanford University reports that we are 78% more likely to achieve our fitness goals when we have an accountability partner.

Never Quit! Be consistent. Stay accountable. Become successful!

3. Rewards System

Set small goals and then reward yourself when you reach them.

For example, “When I lose 10 lb of fat, I will take a spa day with my friends,” or “After losing 50 lb of fat, I will book a cruise to the Bahamas.”

If you’re just starting out and making healthy lifestyle changes is really hard, set micro goals to boost confidence. Then slowly increase your goals so that you’re making bigger goals with greater results.

It’s important that we reward ourselves for our hard work. So often, we chastise ourselves for our perceived imperfections and shortcomings. But that sort of negative thinking is only going to keep you from your fitness goals. Love and rewards go a long way towards motivation and success!

If you’re reading this, you are ready for success! Our In-home Private Yoga, Virtual Prive Yoga, and Personal Wellness Advocate programs offer guidance on fitness activities, nutrition, and holistic health practices. Get started today!

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