Expansive Heart Yoga

When your heart space is open, we take fuller, deeper breaths and broaden our capacity to give and receive love.

Energizing Morning Yoga

This online class offers a total body workout and includes Breath of Joy, which is known for enhancing your energy and promoting a positive outlook.

Calming Bedtime Yoga Video

More than 25 percent of Americans suffer from acute insomnia, reports Science Daily. About 1/3 of adults report not getting adequate, restful sleep. It may be possible to find relief with a bit of yoga before bed. Depending on the source of your sleep troubles, gentle stretching and breathwork may help to ease your nervous…

5 Yoga Inspired Drills to Tone Your Core

While this is a six pack workout it ALSO includes how to tone your back, build a butt with exercises for glutes, strengthen your hip flexors, and more–all in 5 fun drills!

Intermediate Chair Yoga

Chair yoga can be gentle and relaxing but we can also amp it up a notch! Tone muscles, improve flexibility, and balance the mind with this chair-assisted yoga class! We will use a strap and block as well.

Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga teachers offer chair yoga in Cumming, GA as well as Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, and other north Metro Atlanta cities. Call us to schedule your in-home or online private yoga class.

Working Towards Wheel Pose, Urdva Dhanurasana

This full-length yoga class offers a total body workout. The class peaks in wheel pose,  also known as Urdva Dhanurasana. Wheel pose is a backbend and an energizing inversion. Grab two yoga blocks and get ready to open your heart! This yoga class is suitable for experienced beginners and intermediate students. This yoga class is contraindicated for…

10-Min Intro to Bodyweight Resistance, HITT

Running short on time? HIIT, or high intensity interval training, burns calories and strengthens muscles.  This ultra quick HIIT workout is fast and effective. Prepare with a comfortable yet firm surface, like a yoga mat, a get ready to sweat! This video is great for beginners who are working to improve their range of motion and…

20-minute Total Body Flow

In just 20 minutes you can address each of your major muscle groups! Roll out your mat, grab your yoga blocks, and get ready for a fun and energetic yoga flow. This yoga class is a good option for healthy beginners. 20-Minute Total Body Flow for Beginners from Erica Rascon on Vimeo. Learn More Learn more…

Gentle Chair Yoga

Looking for a beginners’ yoga practice that is gentle on the joints? This chair yoga class accommodates limited mobility and lower energy levels  in a fully chair-based yoga practice. This yoga class is also great for desk workers! Get in a nice stretch without leaving your office chair. This class is recommended for beginners. Gentle…

Chair Yoga for Toning and Stretching

This chair yoga class for toning and stretching will help you gradually build strength and stability. Part of the sequence takes place seated and the other portion includes standing postures that use the chair for support. Chair yoga is a fun way for beginners to explore the possibilities of exercise at home. Chair yoga is…

Beginners 20-min Bodyweight Training

Looking for a quick way to strengthen muscles and improve stability? Beginners in moderate health will get a great challenge from this video. Get ready to tone your muscle and gradually build endurance! Beginners 20-min Body Weight Resistance from Erica Rascon on Vimeo.