Infographic: Adaptogenic Herbs for Stress Management

Herbs are powerful tools in your body’s battle against stress. The infographic below gives a quick glimpse at 8 adaptogenic herbs that alleviate the symptoms of stress. Discover more benefits of each adaptogenic herb on our blog post. The Master Herbalist at Deeply Rooted Wellness + Yoga has created a series of herbal tea blends…

5 Reasons to Love Our Custom Essential Oil Blends

There are hundreds of essential oil brands to choose from. Which is best for you? That depends on what you’re looking for. If you want effective, therapeutic grade essential oils that are… customized to your needs responsibly sourced sustainably packaged made in America (even better, Atlanta!) and handcrafted by a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner …then…

Trauma-Conscious Yoga

Through trauma-conscious yoga, survivors may find their voice, reconnect with their bodies, and discover a roadmap towards transformation and freedom.

Expansive Heart Yoga

When your heart space is open, we take fuller, deeper breaths and broaden our capacity to give and receive love.

Energizing Morning Yoga

This online class offers a total body workout and includes Breath of Joy, which is known for enhancing your energy and promoting a positive outlook.

Calming Bedtime Yoga Video

More than 25 percent of Americans suffer from acute insomnia, reports Science Daily. About 1/3 of adults report not getting adequate, restful sleep. It may be possible to find relief with a bit of yoga before bed. Depending on the source of your sleep troubles, gentle stretching and breathwork may help to ease your nervous…

5 Yoga Inspired Drills to Tone Your Core

While this is a six pack workout it ALSO includes how to tone your back, build a butt with exercises for glutes, strengthen your hip flexors, and more–all in 5 fun drills!

Picking the Right Yoga Studio

Not all yoga studios will feel like home to you. And that’s okay! You can identify the ideal yoga studio by taking these 3 considerations in mind.

3 Effective Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Spring has sprung. With it, dozens of tissues are springing from cardboard boxes throughout America as we struggle to cope with runny noses and chronic sneezing. The symptoms of seasonal allergies don’t have to slow you down. Get relief with these natural remedies for seasonal allergies. Seasonal Allergies are more than an Annoyance Seasonal allergy…

5 Tips for Quick Weight Loss Made Easier

Did you find yourself hopping online for guidance on weight loss? Odds are, you’ve run into countless articles on diets, workouts, pills, and surgery. Each of these methods has its place but the truth is, one recommendation is not appropriate for all people, all of the time. But there are a few simple guidelines for…

Powerful Antibacterial Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful antibacterial solutions. Fortunately, they do not contribute to the problem of antibiotic-resistant strains. You can also adjust their strength through dilution, making essential oils a wise choice for use in your home and office. Some essential oils are even safe for pets and kids! What is an Essential Oil? Essential oils are naturally…

5 Essential Oil Blends for Energy

Sometimes, we can all use a bit more energy. Packed schedules, poor sleep habits, and the S.A.D American diet are three main culprits of lethargy. It’s important to address those issues to naturally boost your energy. The essential oil blends below can also add a bit of pep to your step! They are specially formulated to…